What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing or SMM is the processes were a company generates website traffic via social media websites.

How can Social Media compliment your marketing strategy?

Social Media Marketing has become a platform used by companies of various sizes to promote their products and services to anyone with internet access. One of the greatest aspects of Social Media Marketing is that it can be absolutely free. The investment in SMM is time, but the return on investment is well worth it. The time invested in brand awareness across multiple social media websites creates an entire network of contacts and customers.

The goal of a successful marketing strategy is to generate brand awareness. A Social Media Marketing strategy generates this brand awareness through a third party. Utilizing the proper networks through social media websites makes your products/services appear to be word-of-mouth recommendations. Everyone knows the best sales lead is one that comes from an existing customer who is happy with your product/service.

Interactive Marketing Studios believes that a balanced approach is by far the most successful. It is a balance of multiple marketing platforms to produce the best results. For more information how Social Media Marketing can enhance your organization, give us a call today.

First formulate a successful Social Media Marketing

Before you embark on any Social Media Marketing, ensure your strategy is planned and that all members of the organization understand its goals. Here is a small list of items to prepare before running a social media promotion:

  1. Ensure all staff understand the goals
  2. Ensure existing online branding is consistent
  3. Ensure Social Media Marketing does not conflict with your SEO strategy
  4. Designate specific staff members that will perform social media maintenance
  5. Understand your target market

Although this is merely a sample of items to consider, it becomes increasing important to keep these minor tasks at the forefront. Here are additional items to consider within your Social Media Marketing strategy.

  1. Do not feel obligated to reply to every comment
  2. Ensure staff performing social media maintenance have a clean social media presence
  3. Proofread so as not to use incorrect information or bad sales promotions
  4. Do not use misleading information to sell the brand
  5. Keep you profile up-to-date

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