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The project is complete, the invoices paid, and the brand new website has launched. Why are you not getting the web traffic you had hoped for? Is your website new to the internet? If so, there are probably list of things you have yet to implement. Has your website been around for more than five years? If you are not getting the anticipated web traffic there may be things you have overlooked over the years.

The problem with most companies, large and small, is there is not a dedicated brand manager on staff. Or the owner joins third party websites and does not track their progress. Over time nobody in the company is tracking the promotion value over the various third party websites. Or worse yet, the information on these websites relates to products and services you no longer offer coupled with outdated contact information and branding.

Interactive Marketing Studios can help you regain control of your online brand with an exhaustive search to see were and what shows up for your company. Once IMSI completes our search, we will then present a strategy for how to properly manage your brand for years to come.

What is Online Brand Management?

Online Brand Management is the process of implementing and managing how your company shows up on not only your corporate website but third party websites across the internet. Some of the tools used to promote you business are social media, web directories, search engines and link exchanges. Managing these numerous services can be cumbersome and tedious especially when staff members within an organization are utilized over multiple departments.

Questions you need to ask yourself about your online brand

Before you begin any online brand management ask yourself and your staff the following questions:

  1. When was the last time I researched our brand?
  2. Do I keep a list of every directory we sign up on?
  3. Is there any negative information on our company when we search?
  4. Do we have any negative ratings?
  5. Is our information correct on every listing?
  6. Do we use the same logo?
  7. What content do we use on our listings?

The problem with most online brands

One of the most overlooked parts of a company’s brand is its online brand management. Staff turnover makes it hard to track all the listings. This is very common and costly for small to mid-size companies. Online Brand Management reaches across many departments such as marketing and/or sales. Its purpose is usually to promote products and services to a target market and generate leads.

Mismanaged online branding can cost money in lost sales. It is recommended to assign one person within the company to manage all the online brand registrations and to make sure they are always current and accurate.

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One of the most overlooked components of a company’s brand is their online brand management. Unfortunately, the revolving door of employees leaves remaining staff wondering which listings their company is associated with. This is a common issue for small to mid-size companies that can be costly. Typically, online brand management gets spread across many departments like marketing and/or sales. Usually to promote products and services to a target market and generate some type of leads. So how do you take control of your online brand? As with anything, first create a strict policy personnel can...
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