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Brochure or static style websites are a great way for a new company to get started on the internet as most potential customers will visit your website before they buy from you. Before you begin a website project it is important to understand and create goals for the new website. Have realistic expectations as it takes time to establish an internet presence with a new website, especially with search engines.

The most common code for a static or brochure style website is HTML and CSS. This basic webstie coding allows you to create a design that matches your brand and give your clients the information they need to make informed decisions.

Interactive Marketing Studios will help you better understand the choices available to create a brochure or static website to match your company brand while also being search engine friendly. No matter how big or how small the project is, Interactive Marketing Studios works each web project with special attention to detail and collaborative, teamwork philosophy.

Be aware of the limitations

As with all technology, we would like to point out the limitations of a static or brochure design website. If your company is not savvy with HTML coding or website technologies, brochure or static websites may become difficult to update. This is why it is important to understand the long-term goals of your website when planning for its development. If you plan to frequently update your website you probably want to investigate a CMS (Content Management System) which provides this type of functionality.

Other than frequent website updates, the static or brochure design has come a long way over the years. Brochure or static design websites can be very appealing and successful with the search engines. As the web browsers catch up to the new technology, the brochure or static website can have just as much success as one developed with a CMS. If your website is between five to fifteen pages and does not need to be updated regularly then a brochure or static website just may be the most efficient option.

Questions you need to ask yourself

As will all projects, we ask our clients to ask themselves some basic questions to guide project down the most efficient path. Consider the following before getting started:

  1. What are the goals for the website?
  2. What technology should you use?
  3. How many pages will the website need?
  4. Do you have the content or copy needed for each page?
  5. Do you need to update your website frequently?
  6. Is your business local or national?
  7. What future need to you see for the website?
  8. Have you researched your competition?

Don’t brochure or static websites quickly look outdated?

This is a misconception. Static or brochure style websites can be just as complicated and appealing as more dynamic website. The latest advancement in HTML coding and various technologies such as flash allows your website to match your brand and give your clients and/or potential clients an enjoyable browsing experience. A static or brochure style website can utilize many different technologies. This could be the perfect solution for a new company or a company who is just starting to establish an internet presence.

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